Recruitment without borders - foreign semi-skilled and skilled workers firsthand.We search, find, organize, and integrate. Careful recruitment of physical labor.
Recruitment without borders - foreign semi-skilled and skilled workers firsthand.
We search, find, organize, and integrate. Careful recruitment of physical labor.

Uninterrupted operation, continuous workforce.
Even in shortage occupations.

Labour shortages. Staff turnover. Changing market environment. And all the while, the company has to keep moving forward. If you're hiring physical workers, this dilemma can be a major headache for you, too.

One of the pillars of business growth is employing the right people. Therefore, shortages and
vacancies can cause serious damage to firms. It can even threaten the survival and future of the company. Today there is no question
that Hungary needs third-country labour now to keep the economy stable in the future.
Recruitment without borders The WHC group is ready for the challenge. Having obtained Qualified Employer Status,
it provides companies with a turnkey approach
to recruiting foreign workers.

5 real strengths of foreign labour

  • 1. Adaptability
    They adapt easily, are receptive to new things and learn quickly.
  • 2. Diligence
    They are hard-working, conscientious and eager to prove themselves to the employer.
  • 3. Work ethic
    They lead the way in work ethic. They want to work: more and better. Overtime is no obstacle.
  • 4. Minimum turnover
    Their use results in lower turnover and is therefore cost-effective.
  • 5. Work culture
    Part of their culture is respect for their work and respect and gratitude to their employer.

Why choose the
expertise of WHC?

The WHC Group has a wealth of experience, professional background and a network of collaborative partners to support companies in recruiting abroad. We take the process from the moment the client's needs are identified to the moment the employee starts work. You just enjoy the convenience of a turnkey solution!

How is cooperation done?

Foreign recruitment step by step

Key elements of a
full HR activity

Local recruitment, pre-screening, selection

  • Full implementation in close cooperation with our partner
  • Local recruitment team and presence in the country
  • Tailored recruitment strategy based on the needs assessment from the client
  • Provide shortlisted candidates with a photographic CV and summary information, and conduct a video interview for the client.

Cooperation with the competent authorities

  • Arranging a work visa
  • Obtaining all the necessary official permits and notifications (labour registration, residence permit, social security number, tax account application, bank account opening)
  • Travel
  • Accommodation

Extra services on request

  • Medical examination
  • Post-recruitment integration process with the employer
  • Providing an interpreter to avoid language difficulties

Which countries' labour markets are
accessible with WHC support?

Are you ready?
Push the boundaries yourself!

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